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Breezy Brie by MommaNessy Breezy Brie by MommaNessy
(Trying a new style for my next gen bios: will update the others in the near-ish future)


Name: Breezy Brie

Nicknames: Breeze, Cheeze, Funk

Furry Name: Funky Fresh

Parents: Fluttershy and unknown father (somepony she met at Veterinary school)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Furry artist and fursuit designer

Height: A smidge shorter than uncle Zephyr

Bio: Fluttershy's son, he was born a few months after she got her Veterinary license. She never told him who his father  was, though Twilight and Rainbow both tried finding out multiple times. 

Breezy learned sewing from his mother and Rarity while he was still pretty young. He was always a fan of animal costumes, and he studied hard under Rarity to learn how to draw and sew them. His talent with making fursuits impressed Rarity, and while they weren't that stylish, they did make her honorary nephew happy.

Breezy got his cutie mark when he went to his first furry convention with his mom. He was wearing a fursuit, so no one knows exactly when it happened, but Fluttershy suspected it was when he went to a fursuit craftroom and helped several others make their fursuits...

Upon getting his cutie mark, Breezy was made the element of generosity, for his generous nature lead him to helping others create fursuits, and he is prone to donating art to the convention's charity auctions. 

Personality: Shy unless he's in a fursuit. Likes to laugh with his friends, and develops crushes easily. Not afraid of change. Has dyslexia and a lot of trouble reading, but loves audiobooks.

Relationships:  Loves his mother and Rarity, and gets along pretty well with his uncle Zephyr. 

Best friend is Honeygold (and the two might have crushes on each other ;3)

Other friends include Princess Dream Star, Apple Sparkle, Glorified Harmony, Static Shock, Chimicherry, Sky Diamond and Rainboom

Cutie Mark/Talent: Cutie mark is a purple fursuit head and paws. Talents are making fursuits and drawing furry art.

-Likes strategy games like chess and DnD. 
-Favorite food is apple slices dipped in cheese fondue 
-Gets his own room at furry conventions, because while he loves his fursuit, he doesn't like the smell of sweat after a long day
-Listens to Coloratura and Sweetie Belle's albums constantly
-Has a pet snake
-Despite his dyslexia, he's also super talented at math, but he won't admit it
-When he's clean, he smells like cherry blossoms
-Incredibly flexible
-Since he was a teen, he's acted as the spring bunny for ponyville's school-ponies, and he volunteers with the town to be the bunny for the yearly egg hunt. 
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